I’m doing site updates!

Any of my long time readers will (should? Meh; I won’t take too much offense if you don’t) notice that the site now looks different! I will continue to make incremental updates over the next few months–one big update might make more sense, but that would require admitting to myself that this is all one giant exercise in procrastination.

Seriously though: jmplumbley.com has been around since 2015 and not once have I altered its look or user experience. It’s about damn time. There are a few shiny new things that may be of interest to you:

  • A new series of “What’s New” posts (like this one) that are not about monsters (???!!!), but things in my actual life. And by “actual life” I mean fiction things, because let’s be real–I have no life outside of that.
  • Coming up, a (hopefully) better user experience re: sorting through old Monster Meet posts.
  • A new icon for the browser tab. It’s so small that you can’t really see what it is, but it’s a candle, folks. And I think it’s cool. WordPress logo, begone!

Hopefully these things are of at least mild use and/or interest to you. Otherwise, this is even more an exercise in procrastination than I feared.

Tally ho,


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