If you’re as bored as I am with well-worn horror mythology (looking at you, vampires and werewolves), MONSTER MEET is the blog for you. Here, I cover creatures, hauntings, and places you’ve (or at least I’ve) never heard of–the weirder the better.

Launched in 2015, the blog has to date visited over 50 different monsters from around the world. In learning about them, I’ve learned a lot about ourselves: about how creative we can be, and about how we keep coming back to the same fears again and again and again.

Frequently asked questions about MONSTER MEET

Q: When do you post?

A: Once every full moon. *Cue X-Files music*

Q: Do you make this stuff up?

A: Nope. None of the “facts” in the posts are made up–at least not by me. I do a fair amount of research for each one, cross-referencing accounts and digging into historical documents where possible. Usually these will conflict (say what?! Conflicting accounts in urban legends??), but I try to call out where they do. I also note any pedestrian explanations for the phenomena attributed to the featured monster.

Links to my sources can be found in the posts themselves. They are not necessarily sources that would have been approved by my high school teachers (this blog is practically sponsored by Wikipedia), but with a lot of these oral or internet legends, no other sources exist.

Q: Do you take requests?

A: I’m always excited to learn about a bizarre-o cryptid, haunting, or legend, so if you have them, feel free to share. That being said, I do not (nay, cannot) write about everything. I only have time to do around 12 posts a year (what with the day job and the writing of books), and some monsters are just not a good fit. A lot of times people come to me with myths that a) are so well-known that I don’t think my take would add anything (like the wendigo) or b) so small that all I have on them is what the person said, which is too narrow a scope for what I am trying to do here.

In sum: Not really. But try me and you may get lucky.

Q: Why do you do these things?

A: Because I like research and love horror. As I mention above, the monsters we dream up reveal a lot about ourselves and how similar we are across both cultures and time. It’s fascinating stuff, and gives me free licence to go deep down internet rabbit holes every few weeks.

Besides, you really don’t want me trying to blog about recipes or DIY face masks or whatever. Trust me.

Photo cred to Bogdan Kupriets on Unsplash.