MONSTER MEET is a blog for those bored by well-worn horror legends (looking at you, vampires and werewolves). It covers the creatures, hauntings, and places still novel enough to be scary, or at the very least interesting.

Frequently asked questions about Monster Meet

Q: When do you post?

A: Once every full moon. I am a sucker for melodrama.

Q: Do you make this stuff up?

A: Nope. None of the “facts” in the posts are made up–at least not by me. I do a fair amount of research for each one, cross-referencing accounts and digging into historical documents where necessary.

Q: Why do you do these things?

A: Because I like research and love horror. Besides, you really don’t want me trying to blog about recipes or DIY face masks or whatever–that would be an abomination so great that Cthulhu himself would shield his eyes.