J.M. Plumbley
A Very Fancy Photo of me, courtesy of the indomitable Joe Loper

Hello! I’m J.M. Plumbley. In addition to the Monster Meet blog, I write humorous fantasy and horror fiction, with a preference for long-form (read: book-length) work. I’m an active member of the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers (BSFW) and a proud graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop.

Writing is pretty much all I do, both in terms of my day job (digital communications) and 90% of my spare time. As such, I am embarrassingly bad at most everything else, including but not limited to:

  • Sports
  • Cooking
  • Socializing
  • Pop culture references
  • Identifying actors and musical artists
  • Being up-to-date on TV shows and movies
  • Fashion

I began this descent into darkness around age 12, when I saw the horrible Dungeons and Dragons movie and was inspired to write a 94,000-word novel. Upon finishing that book, I promptly wrote a 50,000-word sequel. Thus began my fat stack of trunked works, which continues to grow to this day.

Publication with the Kaleidocast and attending the 2018 Odyssey Writing Workshop have helped to bolster my skills and confidence. Hope springs eternal that I may yet inflict book-length fiction upon the world.

I live in New York City but am not from there. My folks live in Portland, Oregon, but I’m not from there, either–I grew up in the military and so have no real place of origin. I will say that I generally prefer the U.S. west coast over the east coast, rural over urban, and snakes over spiders.

I also enjoy both dogs and cats, but if you’ve read enough author bios, that should not come as a surprise.

Hit me up on Twitter @PlumbPlumbley or fill out my contact form if you want to chat.