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Holy haunting: the Borley Rectory

What a hoot: La Lechuza

You’ve goat to be kidding me: the Bokkenrijders

Not someone to look up to: Mikoshi-nyūdō


All I want for Christmas is human flesh: Hans Trapp

Come here, you: Huggin’ Molly

Quite the monkey on your back: the Myling

How ribbeting: tales of the Loveland Frogmen

Trussst in me: the Flathead Lake monster

Cry me a river: the Weeping Woman of Riverview Cemetery 

GUEST POST: Let’s go for a swim: Matthew Hopkins — Witch Pricker

Code brown: the Lady of Raynham Hall

Charmed, I’m sure: the Encantado

Dogs of war: the Hound of Mons

And you’re not going to reach my telephone: Saturo-Kun

Whistle while you work: the ghost of Walter Stinson

Not what I meant by “the Crocodile Rock”: Cipactli


Not horsing around: the Nuckelavee

I do believe in monsters; I do!: “Night-mares” and SUNDS

Part of your world: terror in the depths of Lake Baikal

Pour one out for Mr. Brawny: the Hidebehind

Sea Sick: The empty deck of the Mary Celeste

Courtesy flush: the haunting of the Hotel Galvez

Hey! My eyes are down here: the Blemmyae

Hold on to the handrail: Rawhead and Bloody Bones

Hold onto your butts: the Popobawa

Thrill of the chase: The Wild Hunt

I spit at thee: the Mongolian death worm

You’re as cold as ice: the Ijirait


Houseguests from hell: the Kallikantzaroi

Grisly Green Giants: On Monstrous Plants

Hot diggety dog: Black Shuck

Choo choo: the Snallygaster

Dead baby jokes: Lamashtu

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fishmen: The Finfolk

Time to Clean House: the Kikimora

You used to beat me with our house phone: the haunting of 57 West 57th Street

Slim Fast: The Pishtaco

The black hat of Guatemala: El Sombreron

The art of avoiding eye contact: Two Face

Better hope for a bird, or a plane: the Sluagh


Season for purresents: Jolakotturinn, the Yule Cat

Spring-heeled Jack: an energetic Victorian nightmare

So many shades of gray: the Am Fear Liath Mor of Ben MacDui

Hungry enough to eat his own arm: the Nachzehrer

Better than Tempeh: the Borametz

Clean-up on aisle 15: the haunting of Toys R’ Us Sunnyvale

Down, boy!: the beast of Gevaudan

The Kongamato: destroyer of boats, soiler of underwear

Tall, dark, and phantom?: the shadow people

Blobs in the deep: the North Carolina sewage monster

The Bunyip: swamp monster of the down under

I’m lovin’ it: demons in your sandwich, demons in your soul

Bridge over troubled waters: Hell Gate

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